Words and Microsoft

          I’m a nerd, though I think we’ve gathered that already from my talks of fictional characters and people who live in Austin, Texas who some of them don’t know I exist (or for a few seconds when they meet me or favourite / retweet a tweet I send them). So for my class last week we learnt about Microsoft word and its components and what it can offer me as not only as a writer but as a librarian (well, okay I won’t be one for my whole life).

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Social Media.

          So, I’m a teenager (okay give me… four months and I won’t be) and I engage in social media, I mean you could say that blogging is a form of social media, well some people say it is and I like to think it is. Since we’re in a ‘new world’ of course (compared to the 1900s) social media is interesting and it’s new and it’s changing with each year a new ‘fad’ in a sense of social media is emerging.

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          Yesterday… wasn’t fun. Now this might sound ‘weird’ to some people, but I lost someone who I only met briefly once, but he has had a big impact on my life. Monty Oum, an animator at Rooster Teeth passed away on Feb 1st. The ‘weird’ thing I was talking about is that we had only met once, he came down to Australia from Austin with another animator Jordan Cwierz and they came to Melbourne and spoke to a crowd of around 200+ about animating. I got a somewhat photo of us (as it was a large line people were not allowed to take photos but my friend took a photo of them signing and such). I spoke more to Jordan then I did to Monty, I however asked a question during the panel that was answered.  Continue reading