Nostalgia and fame

          Okay so sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been wondering what to write and thus for posting this I’ve finally found something to write a post about. Secondly, I didn’t really meet someone famous, I met Griffon Ramsey who carves wood and she is also married to Geoff Ramsey who is a part of Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter and she also used to work for the company too. She isn’t famous on the level that Chris Evans is (yeah I used Chris Evans) but she’s famous around the Internet, so luckily I was able to catch a ride from a fellow Roo Teeth member (that’s the Rooster Teeth street team for Australia) with my friend Logan and we went all the way to Sky High in Mount Dandenong (which is a hell of a long way for a bus and a car ride) to see Griffon and watch her carve wood.

The four of us, (L – R: Logan, David, Griffon, Me)

The four of us, (L – R: Logan, David, Griffon, Me)

          And I wasn’t expecting to like actually meet her, I thought that it might be packed with Rooster Teeth fans and/or fans of Griffon and we wouldn’t be able to actually talk to her. But she saw the poster of David’s and had to have a look at it. We ended up getting a photo and she then left to carve more wood but about ten minutes later she walked over to Logan and I (David was putting the poster back in his car) and said that she wanted a break and want to get coffee.

          We waited for David and three other fans (all though after a conversation with Griffon and everyone else, the older one was the mother of the two kids there who are fans of Rooster Teeth and/or Griffon) and went for a coffee break and we spoke about spiders and Australia and what she’s carving and just sort of everything in general. So we all left and said goodbye and David, Logan and I walked around the area for a bit. Logan and I got a photo as a koala (Logan) and a kangaroo (myself), we then went in a maze where you had to collect stamps and we got a a badge that said “I was AMAZED!

2015-01-13 10.48.01

          But this brings me onto the whole “nostalgia” aspect of this post. I used to live near Mount Dandenong before my parents separated, I also lived close afterwards until my dad moved away to inner country Victoria (still close to some civilisation though), and actually we drove through the suburb I used to live with dad in before he moved to country Victoria. Not only was it nostalgic due to the fact that I was near a place I used to call home, but the forest around us made me feel nostalgic because when I was younger (and in love with my dad… no this is no Electra complex, thanks Freud. I’m talking about the fact that I used to idolise my father and put him on this pedestal, but we often do that in relation to our parents a lot of the time don’t we?) I’d go on walks and day trips with my sister, my dad and myself and we’d walk around and look at the nature.

2015-01-13 11.20.362015-01-13 11.20.082015-01-13 10.08.352015-01-13 11.21.412015-01-13 11.23.232015-01-13 11.23.44   2015-01-13 11.23.49

          But this is where the nostalgia kicked in, not when I was in the same suburb as an old home, or the fact that I would be around nature that reminded me of the many years I’d spend outside, but all the wood carving that went on. My dad didn’t carve into wood much like the many artists that were here, but he did enjoy wood working and made many things for the family out of this hobby of his and I’d join in and help him. The nostalgia is the smell, and the sounds, and the objects they held.

          The thing weird about nostalgia is the simple things make powerful and exciting memories come alive. And for me it was driving through the suburb I used to live in, trees and nature around, and power tools. Nostalgia is crazy, but it was nice going today to feel like a child almost again.

One of Griffon's piece for auction.

One of Griffon’s piece for auction.




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