Nostalgia and fame

          Okay so sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been wondering what to write and thus for posting this I’ve finally found something to write a post about. Secondly, I didn’t really meet someone famous, I met Griffon Ramsey who carves wood and she is also married to Geoff Ramsey who is a part of Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter and she also used to work for the company too. She isn’t famous on the level that Chris Evans is (yeah I used Chris Evans) but she’s famous around the Internet, so luckily I was able to catch a ride from a fellow Roo Teeth member (that’s the Rooster Teeth street team for Australia) with my friend Logan and we went all the way to Sky High in Mount Dandenong (which is a hell of a long way for a bus and a car ride) to see Griffon and watch her carve wood.

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