Everything comes to an end.


“We never stop reading, although every book comes to an end, just as we never stop living, although death is certain.”

– Roberto Bolano.

          Okay so since my course ends in two weeks (wow, two weeks) and all my things are due this week this is THE LAST BLOG POST I’M MAKING! … kidding, I actually like blogging if that makes sense? I’ve kind of always wanted to blog anyways, so this blog gave me a good opportunity to blog of sorts. Okay so this entry should have a theme like my other blog entries do, except I’ve already had a blog entry on depression and sort of death… hum.


          LIKE MARSHMALLOWS! I mean look at them cuties! (source because the original artist is very cool c: and because I’m not an asshole.) Okay so last night I had smores for the first time (this relates to marshmallows don’t you worry) and it’s kind of interesting to eat, I mean mum bought this dumb kit from this place and it’s interesting that a culture (i.e. America) is so sort of so obsessed with something like this I mean when I had it, I thought to myself ‘why is this a thing? Why are all of my American friends so interested in this?‘ I mean, yeah they’re food and I ate them and they’re good… but why?

          Another thing involving marshmallows is the whole ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness‘ I mean, money can buy books (and I bought two books, well four considering three were in a somewhat pack of sorts… it was the Maze Runner, and I’ve only read one page but damn son, it’s so interesting and people need to read it even if I’ve read one page) but really money can buy marshmallows and they’re somewhat the same thing don’t you agree? Right? Well, you know I tend to think so really and everyone should agree with me.

          No, but seriously this isn’t going to be the last blog post I make (I’m pretty sure), I mean I like writing my opinions and thoughts on the internet, and society and all that jazz. Though writing will always be something I hope to spend a good amount of time on no matter what it is. I should talk about my course this year, I mean considering that this blog is associated with this course and I’ll stop rambling…

          So I didn’t get the score I wanted to get into the university I wanted to go to, thus I had to go to TAFE (community college for any Americans reading) and I got into the course I’m doing now and really, I have probably learnt so much more than I ever did in any English class, and I did high school English for five years and Literature for two years. I’ve learnt my tenses, how to use particular words, how to show and not tell. So learning all of these things has been good, excellent what are some other words I can use. Also specifically classes like Industry Overview where I know what to do for specific fields, like I never knew that Writers Victoria is a thing, and Australian Society of Authors.

          I think, that’s all I can think of to say… also I’m hungry and I haven’t eaten lunch and it’s almost 5 pm and I’ve gotta write some more for my novel… so I’m going to go do that. Thanks so much for sticking with me for this like past five or so months, and I’ll talk to you guys again soon. (I’ll try next week, maybe give you all an update on my novel for nanowrimo, who knows), until next time!



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