Fifty thousand

          I never understood why I want to do this, but I am. I’m writing 50 thousand words in a month (I’m currently sitting at 10,032 words right now which is pretty amazing considering that if you go by the word count to get 50k by November 30th is 1,667, I’m already at day 6 and it’s day 4). But I do, and I have to say I’m proud of myself for actually doing this. Though it’s kind of weird because so many of my friend’s are freaking out and wondering “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF???” of course they aren’t shouting, and they don’t think I’m in harm; however they are surprised that I’m even attempting this. I think it’s the idea of the word ‘fifty thousand‘ it’s not much really, it’s the size of a novel whether it be paperback (35k – 80k) or hardcover (25k – 150k).


          I mean look at those stats! (Grey line is the word count you should be at for that day, and the brown bars are your word count for that day.) I have a strong writers group that I’m apart of and we’re all encouraging each other to get to the word count we need to which is awesome, these guys are freaking awesome. So it hasn’t be entirely hard, and I haven’t been on my own. Also Nanowrimo is known for writing now and edit later – and I’ve kept my editing nature at bay, but I still add more things to one part (which really is a good thing isn’t it because I’m adding more words to my overall word count, right?).

          And it’s also interesting to write a novel, the only things I write is for roleplays, fanfiction and assignments (though my time in this course will be ending in like three weeks). It’s also interesting to write this story, because it’s about a girl struggling with her identity and I feel it on a spiritual level. But aside from that, writing this so far has been easy (maybe it’s because I know what I’m writing about instead of my 2008 attempt), and I’ve had four/five days off of school so I can write and get a head start. I’m excited to continue this (except I have a lot of assignments to work on and such so it’s kind of a buzz kill in reality).

          I really don’t have much to say on the whole nanowrimo thing, but yeah like I’ve said it’s going good I’m getting to the word count I want to get to (also I passed my first goal which is 10k, I mean my main goal is to at least hit 25k and I’ll be happy, considering I haven’t done much since 2009 in the idea of nanowrimo). Oh! If anyone’s interested in knowing what my story is about, well HERE IT IS!

Being a teenager is tough, but when you’re questioning who you are and not why Shakespeare made so many dick jokes, it’s even tougher.

Leto Weiss lives in a suburban town, in Victoria, Australia. With her family and friends, she can live her last year as a high school student with ease, that is until she meets April Moore. The girl who moved from a private all-girls school to the public unisex school.

What happens when Leto has all these questions and most of them can’t be answered in a 1,000 word essay.

         Also, if anyone’s interested in my progress and wants to know how I’m going you can read all about it here. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and if you’re participating in nano – GOOD LUCK, YOU’RE AWESOME AND WORD OF ADVICE, WRITE MORE THAN WHAT THEY SUGGEST, WHO YOU KNOWS? YOU MIGHT HAVE TO DO SOMETHING FOR A DAY OR TWO!



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