I love movies.

     I’m a horrible person because, well I haven’t blogged in a while… and really the only reason why I’m blogging is because I’m procrastinating against posting for someone (I roleplay… forum roleplay… it’s not as weird as you think it is.) I also procrastinated because I watched Snowpiercer (dir. Bong Joon-ho) and it’s a South Korean film but with a ton of different actors. The main guy Curtis is played by Chris Evans (the love of my life, just for your information), the other actors in the film are Song Kang-ho, Go Ah-sung, Jamie Bell, Ewen Bremner, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, and Ed Harris. LOOK AT THAT CAST. THAT IS A BRILLIANT CAST! But this post isn’t about Snowpiercer – trust me if it was I would go on and on about it and analyse it so freaking hard. Trust me, I will go on about this film. (But if you want a good Analysis I do suggest to watch Understand Art House | Snowpiercer by Nerdwriter)

          Also I forget to never read comments of anything what so ever because there are so many dumb people. I’ll read comments off of a YouTube video from a channel I love and they’ll be talking smack about some person I like who is in the channel, or the subject matter – and just the comments on Rotten Tomatoes, so many people don’t understand cinema. Ugh, plebs. But this post is basically about my love for cinema and I just have a lot of feelings towards cinema. I mean it’s amazing how many movies can change your opinion, or shape how you see things for what they really are.

          The first film I remember watching is actually Harry Potter, I’m sure I’ve seen many other films like Toy Story, or any Disney film when I was child, but the first one I really remember is Harry Potter. I was six when it came out and I went to the midnight premier, my dad used to work at Fox FM (radio station here in Australia) and he got special tickets to films and yeah. So, I saw Harry Potter and that opened my eyes. My mum would read the books to me at night when she’d tuck me in (one of my few favourite memories to be honest) and this is why Harry Potter will be my favourite works of novels but also pieces of films.

          Now given, it is a children’s film/movie and I am 19 (still a teenager, but well enough to be considered an adult) but it has adult themes with it and it gives the readers/viewers a message to never give up even when everything seems dark. I’ll probably be an 80 year old woman on my death bed thinking about the 11 year old black hair’d boy who came into my life and helped me through a lot (I’ll probably be thinking about what an awesome life I lived, but you catch my drift – actually I don’t want to die at 80, I’m going to be well over 100!)

          So cinema is really important, and yeah we’ve got dumb films like Twilight (sorry, it had to be done), or The Expendables 3 and we have thought provoking films like Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and Inception. Of course this depends on what we enjoy; I’ve read the first Twilight book – I’ve seen the first movie. I was a fan of it and now I know better writing and I’m not a huge fan of action films (I mean if it’s like 85% of the film is action). But I love Spotless Mind because it along with Inception is a huge mind blown – like wow how do they do the thing?!?!

          In a little side note, today’s fathers day in Australia and I gave my step-dad his presents early. I got him a cup that says “Galaxy’s Greatest Dad” on it with Luke and Vader (he’s a huge Star Wars nerd) and a card for an mmorpg he likes. I guess that’s it for my little philosophical insight on cinema and why it’s important.


“Galaxy’s Best Dad”




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