I have a friend who’s a black dog.

          Depression freaking sucks. I kind of wanted to make a post about depression and what has recently happened that has shocked not only my world, but everyone around me’s world because of recent events. First off, Robin Williams is an amazing man and he is the first celebrity who’s death has affected me profoundly. I grew up watching his films, from Aladdin to RV. His works are brilliant and he is a kind and gentle soul. I was waiting for my morning class with two friends in the course, when I saw on the television in the cafe about his death. I thought it was another twitter hoax. Death hoaxes aren’t unusual, I mean the most famous death hoax I can think of is Paul McCartney from the Beatles during the 60s. When I Googled it, and it was confirmed I was crying. I was in tears. Not bawling, but there was enough moisture to call tears.

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Writers are weird.

          So I’m writer (thanks Captain Obvious), but I realise how creepy writers are just last night. For an assignment I’m writing about a character who is rather ironic (tl;dr his name is Cain and he kills his brother Abel). Thus I have to look up the religious context in which Cain and Abel are mentioned (I also watched a bit of Supernatural where Cain is in it… I hate Supernatural). Which is fine, though if you were to look at my history you’d find some weird things (aside from the fan fiction… shut up).

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