The Logo game… my friend Owen wanted to play it. I’m white, Logan was blue, Owen was red and Carlie was green.

Friends are pretty important, though I feel like that is a given in most cases. Sometimes I forget how much I actually miss just having lazy days with some of them. Saturday was a lazy day, it also doesn’t help that I was heavily sick; the second day is always the worst (sore throat, cough and a blocked nose… I’m getting over the cold at the moment, but this cough will be the death of me!) I was invited to a gathering with Roo Teeth (it’s a group for Rooster Teeth… it’s too underground for you), and because of this cold I couldn’t go. Sigh.

So I feel like introduction posts are kind of… weird? I didn’t want to start this off with some sort of weird intro, as the start of blogs are weird and I’m used to tumblr just reblogging pictures of some celebrity I’m in love with (at the moment it’s Chris Evans) and video game gifs (also lots of text posts and lots of tears). So if you want an about me esque thing you can find it here or just click the about in the toolbar. I don’t want to show pictures and be like “so this is what I did”… okay I might a little, but I’ll probably just talk about my friends.


And here we have, Owen trying to explain to us The Logo Game (well to Logan and I).

Anyway, so we played The Logo game… my friends Owen and Carlie (who I won’t refer to as ‘my friends’ any more before I say their names because it’s kind of… boring?) have a thing for board games, thus we played The Logo game (with our friend Logan) I also realised, he’s really bad at explaining the rules… I guess it doesn’t help that I have a learning disability (fun fact!) so I’m more of one of those visual learners as I can’t listen to the rules and get it. As much as I love video games, no matter if it’s by myself or with friends I still appreciate good old board games. Thus we played The logo game (after Owen won, he asked if we wanted to play something else but I just wanted to watch Captain America… in the end we didn’t freaking watch Captain America. siiiigh)


Logan wanted a photo, thus he got a photo.

Friends are really important (as I said obviously), and because I’m 19 and being young; friends are somewhat needed to not go… well crazy, if I put it loosely. And since I’m out of school and it’s been seven – eight months not being at secondary college I was always worried that I wouldn’t have my friends any more. I don’t know, it’s kind of dumb to think that but so many people have said that once you finish school your friends kind of go away, they drift away from you and you’re left with other people. I mean I’ve made friends in this course, I’ve made some really great friends that I hope I know for long so it isn’t like I’m going to be friendless forever, but it doesn’t help when you’re riddled with anxiety.


Carlie, Owen and Logan playing Sims 3. I think Logan was making his sim.

Owen wanted to make us in Sims, I look pretty cool in all honesty (but he doesn’t have any costume content which suuucks ok.) Carlie, Owen, Logan and myself were made and I’ve already stood between Carlie and owen whilst they were talking and I was in the room while they were whoohooing. That’s my life on the sims apparently. Though I’m making Owen download a Chris Evans sim so I can marry him, yep. My life is kind of sad yeah.


Cameron and Owen checking out Cameron’s NERF gun… total tools.

Our friend Cameron came over and we were eating fish and chips beforehand, we were going to watch Indiana Jones but we waited for Cameron. He was showing off his NERF gun and it was totally boring and they’re total losers (but I love them ok?). Later after Indiana we watched Back to the Future because Carlie hadn’t seen it (which I can’t believe she hasn’t I mean come on! BACK TO THE FUTURE!) and our friends Joe and Ryen came over and watched it with us.


Joe and Ryen outside smoking.

All in all, I’m happy I’m friends with these people. They’re different and they’re a little strange, but I care about them and I love them (in a platonic way of course). Friends are important and I’m happy I’ve found these bunch of losers to make me happy. (I’m a cheesy person!)



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