Pondathon Readathon

So, I’ve decided to join a readathon. You might be wondering, “what’s a readathon?” Well, a Readathon is just where you read a lot. One of the most popular ones is the MS Readathon, which started here in Australia, it encourages to read books, learning about multiple sclerosis and raising funds for people living with MS. It’s now run in Ireland, the United States and Canada. But that’s not what I’m reading in, I’m reading in the Pondathon.

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Modernisation of Self-Care

There was a YouTube video that came into my subscription box last week, about Self-Care and The Commodification of Self Care by Adele Marie. In it, she talks about how, problematic, self-care has gotten. Where you will spend thousands upon thousands for the beauty regime of it all, when really when it comes down to it… self-care isn’t just putting on a nice face mask, getting in the bathtub with a bath bomb, listening to a podcast or some bombass music. Self-care is literally what the title says it is, it is caring for yourself.

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Forming Habits and Freelancing

Since the start of Janurary, I’m finding it difficult to organise my habits and my work. In saying that, I do have a bullet journal, but I’ve come to not enjoy analoge habits anymore as I used to. I’m finding it hard to even use digital habit trackers, the main reason being that a lot of them aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and really a majority of it is because you have to pay to use it. Or not so much pay for it, but to get unlimited accesses you have to pay and a lot of the time it’s a reacuring fee.

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Werombi Bushfire found on Wikipedia

Australia is Burning

You’ve probably seen the many articles around the world about it. I’ve heard about it from the BBC, CNN, among others. Though, Australian media has been pretty limited in reporting on it. There has been a lot of politics that have entwined itself regarding these fires, like our Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, was asked in November, why he’s upset at people bringing up questions on climate change, McCormack replied that we’ve had fires in Australia since “time began”, and saying that the people affected by these fires don’t need some “ravings of some pure enlightened and woke capital city greenies” to talk about climate change. Which yes, bushfires have happened since the start of time, but not at this rate.

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What I learnt from writing everyday

Originally, I started to write this last November for Nanowrimo but didn’t really get anywhere with it honestly. It had one sentence, that wasn’t really worth it so I’m not even going to show you, but since December is coming to an end and January is when I will start to finish writing my 2016 Nanowrimo novel Leaving Limbo. But there’s something I feel that I learnt in this year’s Nanowrimo, but also in semester 1 of my third year at university I took a class where we did a 2 week (or 10 days more like it) nanowrimo like session.

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Nobody likes you when you’re 23!

CONTENT WARNING will have suicide, mental health (depression and anxiety) references!!!

In T-minus one hour and ten minutes (as of me typing this right now) it’ll be my 23rd birthday, which is kind of insane, that I’d reach this age. Obligatory “what’s my age again?” reference (I’ve been waiting for this day since I was a kid). I know I’ve been pretty absent from this blog, busy with uni assignments (honestly, four assignments due in the same week can honestly fuck off!), life, job interviews, it’s tiring. But hey, I’m here!

Now, when I was turning 22 I was going to write a blog entry about “Being 22” and I might still do that as I still have a little less than 24 hours, a little more than 12 hours, but it’s just more so on the cusp of turning 23 that I think I’ll just form it into a “Being 23”.

I get asked for advice on certain topics, a lot of my friends are younger than me, they’re all my sister’s age so it makes me a weird older sibling. So why not be the older sibling for people who are reading who are younger, but hey – if you’re older than 23 you can still learn a thing or two, I know I do.

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