Nanowrimo Wrap Up

It’s an end of an era, Nanowrimo 2017 is over. I wrote a blog post… technically last week, titled Lazer Team 2, and it was about the movie Lazer Team 2 – I wanted to break up the Nanowrimo talk with something else and well there you go. But here’s my little wrap up because there were two more days of Nano and I didn’t really talk about it in my Week 4 talk (for obvious reason) and I didn’t want to talk about Nanowrimo again last week, so here you go.

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Nanowrimo week 4

I plan to write after this. I mean, that’s why I signed up for a writing course you know? I want to be able to submit my work to places before I turn 25 like Voiceworks, that’d be cool you know? But it’s the last week of Nanowrimo (plus the two days but I thought I’d still keep my blogs consistent.

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Week 2 is officially over (okay not really since I’m writing this on a Tuesday) but I think it’s good to post these at least on Tuesdays. So far my word count is 30,197 – so I’ve hit the 25k to go on a date with my boyfriend (I got Meowth from Pokemon from Build a Bear and I got to see Thor Ragnarok, except that one I knew about because I paid for the tickets), I’m hoping to hit maybe 35k today, but I’m not living for expectations in all honesty, it’d be nice you know.

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Nanowrimo week 1

Week 1 is already down and passed and wow does time fly, huh? By day 7 I got to 19,339 (that’s 7,672 words above the daily word count), and that’s a hell of a lot of words (I mean right now I’m sitting at 20k) and it’s a hell of an accomplishment, I’ve already bought my 10k reward (which is a pack of Zebra Mildliners (and some space washi tape to cover the shipping cost/discount I got from previously buying), but I realise I’ve come into some run-ins which happen in novels!

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Tomorrow is the day…

… I start to write my novel.

I’m so nervous, it’s crazy how nervous I am (okay maybe not insanely nervous – but I’m worried that last year will be a one-hit wonder for me), writing comes naturally for me – I guess that’s why I want to be a writer. But my anxieties just lie in the fact that what if I don’t achieve my goals of 50k, I guess it’s different this time from my previous failures because I have myself giving me rewards and it’s my partner giving me rewards.

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